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                                                                    Click here ->TEMPORARY ORDER IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19   3/19/2020

                                                                    Click here ->Supplemental Administrative Order - 3/25/2020

                                                                    Click Here ->3rd Supplemental Administrative Order - 6/2/2020

                                                                    Click Here ->4th Supplemental Order - 7/23/2020

                                                                    Click Here ->6th Temporary Court Order - 1/5/2021

                                                                    Click Here ->8th Supplemental Administrative Order - 4/27/2021





    From Judge W. Steve McKinley


    My name is Steve McKinley, and I am honored to serve the citizens of Richland County as Juvenile Court Judge.

    The primary purpose for which the juvenile justice system was created is to provide for the care, protection, and mental and physical development of children subject to the Court's jurisdiction; and to do so within the context of protecting public safety, holding youthful offenders accountable, and rehabilitating the offender.  As a court of law with a strong social mandate to protect, redeem, and rehabilitate children, while protecting the community, we take our duties seriously.  The fundamental core value which underpins and permeates all of our work at the Court, is to treat every child who comes before the Court with genuine concern, care, and respect, and to discharge our duties with the utmost skill, heart, and conscience.



    Richland County Juvenile Justice Center
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    Phone: (419) 774-5578
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    Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. -  4:00 p.m.

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